3 Year Ceramic Coating Kit

  • £90.00

Our 3-year ceramic kit contains everything you need to apply a 36-month strong ceramic coating to your car. This convenient collection makes it easier and cheaper than ever before to add our powerful ceramic protection to your vehicle's exterior paintwork.

3 Year Ceramic Coating - RRP £60

Our new ceramic range has been designed to offer your vehicle the ultimate in long-lasting protection. The innovative coating bonds to your paintwork to give unrivalled protection for up to 36 months. It provides protection from UV damage, bird droppings and poor washing techniques, and makes cleaning a breeze.

Top Coat - RRP £40

Our topcoat provides the perfect finishing touch to our ceramic coating. It increases gloss and UV protection, tops-up the contaminant protection provided by a ceramic coating and can be used to remove dirt and watermarks. We recommend reapplying the topcoat every 3-6 months to maximise the effectiveness of your ceramic coating.

 Applicator Block & Cloth - RRP £5

Our applicator block and cloth is the one and only tool for applying our ceramic coating. The lint free cloth paired with the block will give you an even and sturdy application process.