Decontamination Kit

  • £39.50

The first step to cleaning and protecting your car is decontamination. Our handy decontamination kit comes with everything you need to remove stubborn contaminants including tar, glue, iron fallout and other grime, so that your vehicle will be primed and ready for detailing.

Tar & Glue Remover 500ml - RRP £8.50

Road tar, rubber and glue are some of the most stubborn contaminants to contend with when restoring your paintwork. Luckily our tar and glue remover will make short work of them! The powerful formula gets to work immediately, breaking down grime so that it can be easily rinsed off, leaving your paintwork blemish-free and ready for the application of a protective coating.

Iron Fallout Remover 500ml - RRP £11.50

As you drive your vehicle, it will naturally attract small particles of ferrous material. If left untreated, these iron particles will embed themselves into your car's exterior and begin to erode the paintwork. To prevent this, we recommend using our iron fallout as part of your decontamination routine to remove iron contaminants before they can do any serious damage.

To use, simply spray iron fallout onto your wheels and paintwork and watch for the telltale 'bleeding' effect, as the chemical formula reacts with the iron and turns blood red. To clean, simply rinse away!

Quick Detailer Clay Lube 500ml - £9.50

Our quick detailing spray is the best way to quickly and conveniently boost the protection on your paintwork's finish. Its water-based formula ensures it will leave a streak-free finish regardless of the conditions you use it in. If your car needs a pick-me-up, this is the product to use! What's more, our detailing spray also doubles as a lube for our clay bar.

Clay Bar 200g - RRP £12.50

A clay bar is a must-have in every car enthusiast's garage. The safest way to remove dirt and grime from your car, claying will effectively get rid of even stubborn contaminants such as tree sap, bird droppings and light tar deposits. Our clay bar is made from 200g of fine clay and is best used in conjunction with our Quick Detailer, which doubles up as a clay lube.

Microfibre Trio - RRP £5

Our hard-wearing and affordable 300gsm microfibre cloths are the perfect way to apply many of our products. From cleaning glass to drying wheels and paintwork, the cloths will come in handy in any number of scenarios. Made of soft and durable microfibre, they can be washed many times without lint coming away.