Interior Kit

  • £38.00

The Interior Kit comes packed with all the items required to keep your interior immaculate.

Interior Cleaner 500ml - RRP £8.50

A ready to use interior cleaner which is safe to use on all interior car surfaces. Whether you are cleaning plastic, vinyl rubber, cloth, or carpet, F2K's sophisticated low-foaming surfactants will not disappoint. Well suited for sensitive cleaning operations but is also capable of tackling a wide variety of tough stains. Oil, grease, food, coffee, mildew, grass, mud, sun-tan lotion and silicone-based dressings can all be removed with ease.

Stain Remover 500ml - RRP £8.50

A quick working stain remover to remove heavily ingrained stains caused by oils, drinks and foods.

Fabric Protector 500ml - RRP £14.50

Our Fabric Protector will leave the interior of your car fully protected from any spillages, offering a strong repelling shield means wiping off any spills is simple!

Interior Dressing 500ml - RRP £11.50

Versatile interior dressing for the exterior and interior trim. This liquid, dry touch water-based dressing can be sprayed directly on to the surface or applied via an applicator or cloth depending on the area of the vehicle you are working on. This highly versatile dressing is also great for dressing hard to reach areas such as wheel wells and engine bays, due to its spray on and walk away nature, simply dose the surface with a few fine mists of interior dressing and leave to cure.

Interior Dressing is also a great product to enhance the appearance of the cockpit of your vehicle, as it dries to a non-sticky or greasy finish, it leaves a pleasant and natural sheen. The UV inhibitors help prevent interior surfaces from fading and keeps a deep rich finish to your interior plastic and vinyl trim, it contains no waxes, oils, or petroleum distillates.

Air Freshener 500ml -RRP £8.50

After completing your interior clean, spray onto soft surfaces around the inside of the vehicle and top up when required. 

Microfibre Trio - RRP £5

Our 300gsm Microfibres are perfect for a working cloth, from glass cleaning to drying to wheels, these will work in any scenario and can be washed multiple times without lint coming away.

Detailing Brush - RRP £2.50

Our Hog Hair detailing brush is gentle but firm enough to get into those tight spaces and pull dirt out to give a deep clean.