Leather Kit

  • £35.00

The leather kit comes equipped with everything you need to protect and bring your leather back to life.

Leather Cleaner 500ml - RRP £10.50

Our Leather Cleaner starts lifting dirt the second it hits the material, lifting deep grime into the foamy solution ready to be wiped away with a damp microfibre cloth. For best results, use a leather brush to really grab onto any dirt left behind.

Leather Oil 500ml - RRP £11.50

Rejuvenate your leather interior with our perfected Leather Oil, it moisturises the fibres within the leather giving it back its original look and feel. Use our leather cleaner first for the best results.

Leather Protector 500ml - RRP £12.50

Perfect for adding that protective layer to keep your leather protected from any spills. 

Microfibre Trio 3 Pack - RRP £5

Our 300gsm Microfibres are perfect for a working cloth, from glass cleaning to drying to wheels, these will work in any scenario and can be washed multiple times without lint coming away.

Detailing Brush - RRP £2.50

Our Hog Hair detailing brush is gentle but firm enough to get into those tight spaces and pull dirt out to give a deep clean.